Topikrem 500 ml

TOBI Body and Face Moisturizing Cream for Skin Care, Size 500 ml

Topikrem 500 ml

160 SAR

Product information:

  • Use twice daily or when the skin feels dry.
  • Feel comfortable and take care of the health of your skin with Tobi Cream

Product Description :

Brand: Toby Karim

Category type: body and face

Suitable Skin Type: Dry and Sensitive

Size: 500 ml

Type: Moisturizers

Texture: lotion

Recommended use: Use twice daily or when the skin feels dry

  • 160 SAR
زائر 10 months ago
هل يمكن استخدامه تحت العين مرطب توبي كريم
Tulip Official Store 10 months ago
الكريمات المستخدمه للوجه لامانع من استخدامها لتحت العين وماحولها .

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