Purchase installment service with Tulip Store

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This service is provided by Tulip Store in cooperation with Tamara Company without any additional fees to the customer.

How to benefit from the installment payment service or pay after 30 days

  • Choose (TABI) on the payment page.
  • Choose the option you want (full payment within thirty days or three payments in 60 days?) that makes you comfortable.

Add your details

  • Your ID and your mobile for your first order with Tamara, and your mobile only for any new order.

Your order will be delivered to you and pay later!

  • Enjoy your purchases and pay at your convenience.

Questions you can ask

  • If TAPI is without interest or fees, how does TAPI make profits?

Instead of charging customers a fee, Tapie deducts a percentage of the transaction amounts directly from the stores.

  • How do I know if I can use TAPI?

TAPI service is available to all citizens and residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over the age of 18.

  • Why was my application rejected?

To accept orders through TAPI, we take several sequential steps to check each order. You can review some points to note:

  1. There is enough money on your card
  2. - Did you settle the previous amounts with Tappy?
  3. - The order value is high, try reducing the value of your order.
  4. - The number of open orders you have with Tappy We take into account several factors, including your credit history with Tappy, the number of orders you have paid without delay and the duration of your shopping with Tappy.

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